Are you looking to engage your team or group in an onsite learning event?  We can bring the learning to you with our training workshops that cover essential workplace topics that will help your team to work and collaborate more effectively.

Clear and Impactful Communication

This one-day energetic workshop focuses on the most essential communication skills needed for the challenging and competitive working environment of today. 

Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making

This highly interactive two-day workshop introduces participants to a variety of creative problem solving and decision making tools and techniques. 

Conflict Resolution

This two-day workshop will teach participants how to more confidently deal with workplace conflict situations.  Participants will discover how conflict situations can be turned into opportunities. 

Workplace Diversity & Inclusion

This two-day training provides participants with a thorough understanding of their role in creating and promoting a safe and welcoming work environment for colleagues and customers.

Service Excellence

This two-day customer service training workshop will motivate participants to becoming more customer focused and more passionate about delivering outstanding service.

Leadership Skills Training

This two-day activity based workshop will empower leaders in bringing out the best in themselves and others by exploring the most critical success factors of strong leadership. 

We offer Six Onsite Workshops!