Why is emotional intelligence so important?

Research shows that individuals with high emotional intelligence make on average $29,000 more per year than those with lower emotional intelligence*

Emotional intelligence is a set of emotional, social and relational skills that guides the way we perceive, understand and express ourselves; connect with others; manage interpersonal exchange; cope with challenges; and apply emotional information in an effective, meaningful way.

Upon completion of the online assessment, you will receive a 32-page comprehensive report.  Best yet, the report will provide you with specific details on how to improve your emotional intelligence.   Your emotional intelligence report also includes a 90-minute debrief and action planning session to help you start your path to higher earnings!

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*Bradberry, T., & Greaves, J. (2009). Emotional intelligence 2.0. San Diego, CA: TalentSmart.


We are certified to adminster the EIQ-2 Assessment which measures your level of emotional intellgence.